If you've seen 50 Cent's previous videos for 'I Just Wanna' and 'Off and On,' you would know that he loves the ladies. In his new clip for the club banger 'Put Your Hands Up,' the New York rapper juggles several different bodacious models while hosting a loud house party.

The video, directed by Jackson Smith, opens with 50 helping a variety of women in his harem pick out a sexy dress for the party. It then segues to the living room scene where Fiddy is the life of the party as he spits braggadocios rhymes. "Fool, my swag unlimited / So fly, ain’t s--- I can’t buy / Louis Vuitton kicks, my Louis Vuitton b---- / Fresh off the runway / Get [yourself] one, one day / Catch me in Milan / Tuxedo on / The black James Bond / N---a I’m a Don," he raps.

50 should have left "the reality skits" on the editing room floor because it slows the video down and they are, well, boring. There is one amusing scene in which Fiddy argues with the police after a nosy neighbor calls the cops on him. "I pay a lot of taxes, I mean a lot of m-----f---in' taxes," he tells the officers. At the end of the video, 50 tries to convince his main chick that he wasn't flirting with the other girls at the party.

Overall, 'Put Your Hands Up' is another thrilling video from 50 Cent's 'The Big 10' mixtape. If you want to download his free EP, head over to his Facebook page.

Watch the 50 Cent 'Put Your Hands Up' Video