If you are looking for a new comic-book superhero look no further than 50 Cent. The hip-hop toughie has teamed up with SmartComics to produced a comic book adaptation of his New York Times best-selling manual, 'The 50th Law,' which he co-wrote with self-help guru Robert Greene.

The publishing company specializes in creating "comic-textbook" publications that will "inspire and reveal keys to success [for] business leaders and innovators without boring amounts of text."

Fiddy's book 'The 50th Law' contained the rapper's strategic lessons on how to obtain power without fear in order to achieve success in all aspects of life.

Franco Arda, CEO of SmarterComics, believes that much like 50 Cent's book, the comic will be an "entertaining and educational" tool for young adults. "In under an hour, these books will help you become more successful in both your professional and personal lives," he says. "We aim to entertain and empower at the same time. We tend to absorb visual information better then text. [So] why not embrace that for business purposes?"

The comic book will arrived in 2012 both in print and in eBook versions.

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