50 Cent is figuratively on fire in his new video for 'They Burn Me.' Apparently, the New York rapper kept this one hidden in the vault until now because it was shot during a time when he was going through personal issues with his child's mother. "I held on to [it for a] long time; its personal but now everyone can see it," Fiddy explained on his Twitter page. "I'm over the issues on it. I write better … When I'm pain."

From watching the clip, we gathered that it was filmed around time 50 had to lose a lot of weight for his character in 'Things Fall Apart.' The video's story line seems to be inspired from a 2008 incident in which his Long Island home was destroyed by a "suspicious" fire. This is also around the time he was going through a heated custody battle with his child's mother.

In the dramatic video, we see a disfigured 50 with severe burns covering half of his body including his face as he talks about the problems he's dealing with now that he's rich and famous. "Man, I ain't looking for trouble / I'm looking for blessings / But ever since the money came, me I've been stressin'," he raps.

As 50 recuperates in the hospital, the mother of his child is with an attorney trying to profit off his injuries. "My son love me but she try to poison his mind / Actin' like everything they got ain't come from my grind," 50 laments.

Whatever personal issues he was going through back then, they must have been resolved for 50 to finally release this video. Hopefully, he has gotten some closure and can move on with his career.

Thanks for sharing, 50.

Watch the 50 Cent 'They Burn Me' Video