50 Cent was suited and booted at the United Nations-sponsored 'Every Woman, Every Child' event in New York on Tuesday (Sept. 20). Dignitaries from around the world gathered to announce new initiatives in support of achieving health-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by Dec. 31, 2015.

The well-dressed rapper spoke to world leaders (via Rap-Up) about his ongoing campaign to end world hunger with his Street King energy drink. Proceeds from the sales of the product goes to providing meals to hungry children around the world. "It is my personal mission to do more to help those struggling through world hunger," he said of his efforts. "I am committed to providing 1 billion meals for women and children."

50 was rocking a newly-coiffed Afro for the event as he posed with spiritual leader Deepak Chopra and Kami, the HIV-positive Muppet from 'Takalani Sesame,' the South African version of 'Sesame Street.' The hairstyle is a different look for Fiddy who normally keeps a low haircut unless he's doing a movie role. Looking at the photos, we give 50 a thumbs up on the new hairdo.

Which brings us to another topic. What is up with all of these rappers changing their hairstyle? First it was Lil Twist, then it was Flo Rida and now 50. Granted, it's their hair and they can do whatever they want with it, but at least give us a heads up (excuse the pun).

Weird haircuts aside, we are proud of 50 Cent and his endeavors to stomp out world hunger. It's a noble cause and more artists need to get on board and start their own humanitarian ventures.