50 Cent has the internet going nuts over his latest video for 'Wait Until Tonight,' which is from his mixtape 'The Big 10.' The New York rapper is in loverman mode as he raps about how he plans to seduce his ladylove when she gets home.

In the video, which samples Bobby Womack's classic 1980 love ode, 'If You Think You're Lonely Now,' we see Fiddy sitting in his house as he chilling waiting for his girl. "I'm Curtis Mayfield, Marvin, the new Bobby Womack / 2012 freak s--t, baby I'm all that," he raps.

The bodacious red-haired model that every horny guy is Googling right now is Diana Escotto (aka MizzDR). The beautiful model is an excellent love interest for 50 as he lovingly devours her in the living room during a dream sequence in the video.

50 Cent is never shy to show his romantic side behind his tough exterior. Past rap ballads like '21 Questions,' 'All of Me' and 'Do You Think About Me' not only connected with his female fans, but with dudes on the block, as well.

Overall, 'Wait Until Tonight' is another great visual from 50 Cent.

Watch the 50 Cent 'Wait Until Tonight' Video