“‘I’m doing this in honor of the late Whitney Houston," Jeanne Harr said before busting a move. "It’s very hard to think of her as being gone.” Her dance to Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)’ probably has the late legend looking down and chuckling.

Not only is it an adorable and funny clip, it's also a bit of an incredible one. Harr is both legally blind and moderately hard of hearing. As a result, she didn't quite know the lyrics to the track. Once she did, she protested. The video reads, "Once she heard the name of the song, she said she wouldn't do it unless she got to dance with somebody." Luckily, her adorable adult grandson was on hand to twirl and be twirled. Though there was a bit of a misstep that caused a slight tumble for Granny, she's fine!

"She was just one of a kind," Harr said of Houston. "You just enjoyed every minute, no matter what she was singing." And we enjoy Harr, no matter what she's dancing to! Check out her moves to LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem.' Grandma knows how to get down!

Watch 90-Year-Old Grandma Dance to Whitney Houston