Those lovely sisters known as Cimorelli recently let PopCrush peek inside their purses, showing us and all of their fans their absolute must-haves for when they're on the move.

Sisters Lauren, Christina, Katherine, Amy, Dani and Lisa spilled the contents of their bags, and while each of the girls carry typical beauty essentials like lip balm and music necessities (like iPods and headphones), there are a few unique items inside each of their spectacular purses that reveal a bit more about them as individuals.

Check out what items are occupying the 'Made in America' singers' bags below!


What's Inside Lauren's Purse?

My purse is small, but it fits a lot of things.

1. My wallet, which is pretty self explanatory.
2. My favorite lip gloss because my lips get dry really quickly.
3. Emergency mascara.
4. Lotion because my skin is really dry.
5. Gum in case I eat something that smells bad [Laughs].
6. Camera because I love taking pictures and having pictures.
7. Deodorant in case I forget to put it on before I go somewhere.
8. A pen which is always useful.
9. I have my Invisalign case so I can take my Invisalign out when I'm eating and not worry about leaving it on a random napkin somewhere [Laughs].
10. My iPod because I love listening to music on car rides.


What's Inside Christina's Purse?

My purse is SO BIG, so I can fit books in it.

1. I have an awesome pink wallet that I love.
2. My pink iPod.
3. I ALWAYS have floss with me...
4. And a lint roller -- I can be a bit of a clean freak at times.
5. My favorite lip glosses and Baby Lips lip balm.
6. My amazing blue comb that always detangles my hair without ripping it out of my head like most brushes.
7. My pink decade rosary so I can pray a decade whenever I want.
8. And one of the AMAZING books I'm reading currently, 'What You Feel You Can Heal' by John Gray.


What's Inside Katherine's Purse?

My purse is big which is good because whenever I travel, I usually bring a million books and notebooks so I can do two of my favorite things -- reading and writing! In my purse I have a lot of girly things...

1. CoverGirl Lip Slicks lip gloss.
2. EOS lip balm.
3. Victoria's Secret PINK Fresh & Clean hand cream.
4. Victoria's Secret PINK body spray.
5. CoverGirl mascara.
6. My all-time favorite lotion, Aveeno.
7. I also have my Magnificat, since I'm a passionate Catholic and I like to read the daily Bible readings on the go.
8. A pen and notebook, for jotting down ideas.
9. IceBreakers gum.
10. And of course, my iPod! I can't go anywhere without it!


What's Inside Amy's Purse?

I like to be very prepared with my purse! If I might need it, I like to bring it with me.

1. Sunglasses because I have VERY sensitive eyes.
2. Sunscreen because I have very light skin and get burned very easily.
3. I always bring my iPod so I can listen to music.
4. I love my bright orange wallet.
5. I like to bring extra bows in case I want to put my hair back.
6. I always bring my makeup bag in case I need lip gloss.
7. I have a pouch that is shaped like a taco -- I love tacos! -- that I keep little papers, gift cards, and pony tail holders in, and an extra pair of earrings!


What's Inside Dani's Purse?

I just got a new purse for my birthday, and I love how spacious it is!

1. I have my wallet, which is really old [Laughs].
2. Reading glasses, just in case I need to read a book or something.
3. Lip balm and lip gloss because I hate dry lips.
4. Emergency earrings.
5. My Invisalign case so I can take out my Invisalign when I'm eating.
6. My "shoulder buddy," which I got for my birthday. I think it's hilarious.
7. An iPod cord, even though my iPod is broken [Laughs].
8. Deodorant, just in case.
9. Headphones if I wanna listen to music.
10. And glasses cleaner, which is pretty self-explanatory.


What's Inside Lisa's Purse?

I'm pretty neurotic about my purse. It has to be organized, or I'll go crazy. Everything is easily accessible. I carry a lot of electronics with me. Music is a huge part of my life and I need to be able to play it a lot of ways so...

1. I have an auxiliary cable (black).
2. An iPod cord (white).
3. Two iPods, two sets of iPod headphones, music on my phone. I also have a wall charger and a car charger for my phone and iPods, just to be obnoxiously prepared [Laughs].
4. An emergency CD (Boys Like Girls) in case the car I'm in doesn't have an iPod hook up.
5. I keep a travel dental kit in my purse that I got from my dentist in case I oversleep and have to run out the door for a meeting or something and I don't have time to get ready.
6. Then I have my wallet that used to be my mom's.
7. My favorite lip gloss from Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush.
8. And my sparkly pink pouch that I keep all my little random things in, including my Hello Kitty comb, moisturizer, deodorant (not pictured), a pen, a ring, and my ear plugs -- I use them a lot for concerts or anywhere there's loud music. I'm so protective of my hearing!