Is Aaron Carter going country?

Well, not quite yet but according to the singer himself, he plans on dabbling in the genre when he hits his mid-30s. Carter is currently 26 years old right now.

While speaking with 92.9 The Bull in Kansas, Carter revealed that he does plan on doing country music at some point in his career.

"When I get into my mid-30s, I'm probably going to switch over to that," he revealed in an on-camera interview with the station. "I honestly am. I actually recorded a whole project ... down in Nashville. I went and did that this year, and it was actually along the lines of country stuff. It ended up not being the direction I'm going in right now. I'm going to stick with a little bit more of a pop-leaning [sound] but it's pretty good. I'm actually going to go for it. But I'm going to wait until I'm older."

Carter shared his thoughts as well about whether he thinks Taylor Swift will stick to her recent comments about quitting country music, and rebranding herself as a solely pop artist.

"She won't quit," he predicted. "She'll dabble in pop, and then she'll realize how good country was to her. Then, she'll go back."

We're definitely curious as to how Aaron will do with a new genre of music!