As PopCrush recently reported, 'Little Miss Sunshine' Abigail Breslin has much more than acting up her sleeves. The actress recorded the song 'Fight for Me' for the film 'Janie Jones,' and now she is releasing teaser clips on Facebook from her band, CABB.

Breslin, 15, formed the band CABB with her close friend Cassidy Reiff, and the duo had grown into a quintet over time. With the help of Fernando Rosario, Jason Sprinzen, and Marty Lowe, Breslin and Reiff have been writing their own original tracks.

Over the weekend, the members of CABB started leaking tidbits of an unnamed song over their Facebook account. On the page, a member of CABB writes, "We aren’t telling you the name because we want it to be a surprise when you can download the full version! Fingers crossed you love it!! XO CABB."

In the song teaser, which has a southern rock pop feel, Breslin sings, "I could wait forever / If it meant we'd be together / I would climb up a mountain / If it meant seeing you again."

We want to know: what do you think of the track so far?

Listen to the CABB Song Teaser