A big congrats to Karmin and their faithful Karminites! Amy and Nick garnered the most fan votes in last week's About to Pop battle, which means their spunky new single 'Hello' will receive 20+ spins on our nationwide radio show this weekend. Now, this week, five new songs will duke it out in our About to Pop poll.

One Direction are leading this week with the nocturnal track 'Up All Night,' a bubbly, upbeat song from the album of the same name. The guys from 3OH!3 are also in the running with their crunktastic new dance-pop single 'You're Gonna Love This,' but they'll have to beat out Marina and the Diamonds' electro Europop hit 'Primadonna' before they can take the About to Pop win.

These three groups aren't the only ones fighting for the most fan votes, however. Melanie Amaro, who won the inaugural season of 'X Factor' in the U.S., is competing this week with her new dance-pop single 'Don't Fail Me Now.' But will Amaro's out-of-this-world vocals be overtaken by Outasight and his equally epic dance floor anthem 'Now or Never'?

Who has won your vote this week? Vote for 1D, 3OH!3, Marina and the Diamonds, Melanie Amaro or Outasight (once per hour) below! The poll will close at 3PM EST on Aug. 13. Good luck!

Watch the One Direction 'Up All Night' Lyric Video

Watch the 3OH!3 'You're Gonna Love This' Lyric Video

Watch the Marina and the Diamonds 'Primadonna' Video

Watch the Melanie Amaro 'Don't Fail Me Now' Lyric Video

Watch the Outasight 'Now or Never' Lyric Video

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