Bruno Mars is the latest artist to reign supreme in PopCrush's About to Pop poll! Mars' Hooligans love his new single 'When I Was Your Man' so much, they helped to secure him the win with an overwhelming 87% of the total votes. Congrats! This means 'When I Was Your Man' will receive 20+ spins on PopCrush's weekend radio show on Saturday and Sunday (Jan. 26 and 27) -- see a list of stations where you can tune in by clicking here.

So, will another ballad champion this week? Rihanna is leading the nominations with 'Stay,' her most current single off of 'Unapologetic.' Unlike a lot of her former party tracks, but much like her latest hit 'Diamonds,' the simplicity of 'Stay' highlights the Bajan beauty's vocals and the song's passionate lyrics, drifting our thoughts towards her love/hate relationship with Chris Brown.

For those who are looking for something a little more uptempo, however, we've got plenty of other tunes to choose from. Newcomer (and one of our Artists to Watch for 2013) Vita Chambers is in the running for her house-inspired, dance-pop jam 'Fix You,' which is lyrically far more weighty than you'd imagine considering the uptempo beat. Justin Timberlake is also up for the win with his first single in seven years, the funky, horn laden, retro R&B toe-tapper 'Suit & Tie,' featuring Jay-Z.

About to Pop is also getting a dose of rockin' synthpop courtesy of Passion Pit, whose summery, drum-driven track 'Take a Walk' was one of the standouts of 2012. Finally, there's Ne-Yo, who we can always count on for a dance floor anthem. His newest single 'Forever Now' might not pack as big of a punch as 'Let Me Love You,' but turn this one up a few notches at your next gathering and it'll be a surefire way to get the festivities started.

Who gets your vote in this week's About to Pop poll? Remember, you can vote for your favorite track once per hour until the poll closes on Jan. 28, 2013 at 3PM EST. Good luck!

Listen to Rihanna, 'Stay'

Watch the Vita Chambers 'Fix You' Video

Listen to Justin Timberlake, 'Suit & Tie' Feat. Jay-Z

Watch the Passion Pit 'Take a Walk' Video

Watch the Ne-Yo 'Forever Now' Video

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