Now that awards season is in full swing, it's the perfect time to find out some information you may not have known about the Academy Awards. And thanks to our friends at ScreenCrush, now's your chance to get some info you may not have known otherwise!

For example, there's no definite origin as to how the awards themselves eventually garnered the moniker 'Oscar.' One rumor is that Bette Davis named her own statue after her first husband, whose middle name was Oscar. Meanwhile, Margaret Herrick, the Academy librarian, maintained that the statue looked like her uncle Oscar and so it was inspired by her. In any case, it was officially named an Oscar in 1939 by the Academy.

More interesting facts? Anyone who wins an Oscar has to sign a waiver declaring that if they ever intend on trying to sell their award, they have to first try to sell it back to the Academy for a dollar before shopping it around elsewhere. As for the amount of time you have to give your winner's speech before being awkwardly cut off by the music? A quick 45 seconds.

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