Rapper Ace Hood is back on his grind with a new song that has the Internet going nuts and rightfully so. The sinister-sounding 'S--- Got Real' features two of the top spitters in the game -- Busta Rhymes and Yelawolf. The Renegades-produced track will appear on Hood's upcoming mixtape 'The Statement 2,' which hits outlets on Dec. 9.

Over eerie keyboards and a booming club beat, Mr. Hood warns fake studio gangsters to step aside. "Any n---a that can't rap / Get 'em out, A-SAP / Talkin' about they trappin' again / Hop in the booth / I've been the truth / Got proof / Guess who's poppin' again," he defiantly raps.

Mr. Hood then throws it to Bussa-Buss, who relays cautionary lines to anyone who thinks it wise to step to the lyrical dragon. "I don't really think you n----s get it / I'm going to decorate your face / Kinda like upholstery n----a / It's gettin' kinda real up this m-----f---er / I don't think you should really approach me n----a," he spits.

Finally, Catfish Billy completes the rap trifecta as he taunts naysayers who scoff at his lyrical abilities. "You need a boat / You done got deep / I'm so Thirteen / You need the soap / You need the hope / And a wish / Ain't nothing like the real thing / B---h, say, you need a Coke," he raps.

This is a good look for Ace Hood having Busta and Yelawolf spit some grimy lyrics on this banging track. As the song title suggests, this joint is "real" and it's hardcore.

Listen to Ace Hood, 'S--- Done Got Real' Feat. Busta Rhymes and Yelawolf