One dream was further realized and another crushed this evening on 'American Idol' during Hollywood Week.

Hopeful Adam Brock has been told that he has the soul of a large black woman trapped inside of his body. That's how good he sings. He delivered 'Walking in Memphis' at Round 1 of the Hollywood Week a capella audition, since Jennifer Lopez mentioned she loved the song during his initial Pittsburgh tryout. She said, "beautiful babe" when he finished. He is going on to another round and it was bittersweet, since he misses his daughter like a severed limb. He let his wife and baby girl Whitney know via Skype that he wouldn't coming home that night. But it's all for the greater good of his career and their future. Keep letting the soul of a large black woman out in your performances, Adam!

Jim Carrey's little girl Jane Carrey, who isn't really a little girl at this point, went the classic rock route, singing her version of Creedence Clearwater Revival's 'Lookin' Out My Back Door' with some twangy soul. She said she freaked out and admitted her vocal was really shaky, and she was disappointed in herself since she knew she could have done better. She called her dad, who comforted her telling her that he has been told "no" a bunch of times, too. Look where he ended up. 'Idol' is not in Jane Carrey's future, sadly.

So it was "See ya next week, Adam" and "Bye bye" to Jane.

Watch Adam Brock + Jane Carrey Perform During Round 1 on 'American Idol'