If you thought Melrose Place made for a depressing apartment complex, just wait until you visit the tenants housed in Adam Lambert's latest music video.

The treatment for "Another Lonely Night," the second single from The Original High, follows three young people (plus Adam!) living ostensibly exciting lives in Las Vegas, but who each confront the very same demon once the day's over and they've clocked out: they're really, really lonely. At least those beds look like they're comfortable hosts for bouts of ennui!

In the segment above, a dancer, stripper and 24-hour chapel officiant (hello there, Gigi Gorgeous!) hustle for income, then roam around their shared home each night, hoping they won't be swept away with the rest of Sin City's shiny but superfluous glitter. Pressed suits and fresh flower arrangements might seem like earmarks of people who've got it all together, but here, they're just symbols for lives that aren't actually being lived.

"Another day, another lonely night / I would do anything to have you by my side / Another day, another lonely night / Don't wanna throw away another lonely life," Lambert offers on the bopping, midtempo track that's giving us hook-specific flashbacks of his 2009 "Pick U Up."

"When the lights turn off and the costumes get put away, many struggle with the feeling of loneliness," Lambert told iHeartRadio of the video. "I wanted to paint a picture that wasn’t necessarily happy or sad, but showed the entire range in between."

Mission accomplished.

Watch the video above (ideally, not alone...), and tell us what you think!

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