Glamberts across the globe are no doubt psyched that their hero Adam Lambert has tweeted the cover artwork  for his upcoming single, 'Better Than I Know Myself.' Additionally, Lambert also released a 26-second clip of the new song.

The shot of Lambert, with his gaze averted from the camera, is what you'd expect and what you might even term "vintage" Lambert. He's cloaked in black, with his spiky, inky black coif and black eyeliner-rimmed eyes. All the Lambert signatures are in place.

The image is certainly enough to get our pulses quickening for a new Lambert song. Lambert may not have won his season of 'American Idol,' but he certainly won our hearts.

On a side note, with the expert hand with which Lambert applies eye kohl, he should become a MAC spokesmodel. He certainly makes "guy liner" in vogue.

Lambert's second album 'Trespassing' is due out next year with a spring release date being eyed. In the meantime, you can expect Lambert to drop the single 'Better Than I Know Myself' some time in the near future. For now, you can preview the song below.

Listen to a Preview of Adam Lambert's 'Better Than I Know Myself'
Better Than I Know Myself by adamofficial