Whoa, who's this guy singing Adam Lambert's new single 'Better Than I Know Myself?' on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno'?

Turns out it's Lambert himself, who took to the show's stage last night (Jan. 17) looking markedly less glam with hardly any of his signature black "guyliner." His spiky, inky hair remained in tact, but he rocked considerably less eye kohl.

It was Lambert's first time performing his heartfelt first single off 'Trespassing,' and the normally glamboyant rocker toned it down quite a bit and kept all the focus on the music, as opposed to his image.

Wearing a black suit, white shirt, no tie and some pricy shoes, the overly groomed brows were the most metro element of his look. Other than that, we couldn't help but focus on his voice and how great he sounded.

We like this stripped down, softer version of Glambert! He looks younger, cuter and he knocked the song out of the park. He has a hit on his hands with 'Better Than I Know Myself.'

'Trespassing' drops on March 20. Until then, we look forward to more Adam Lambert performances with this streamlined look.

Watch Adam Lambert Perform 'Better Than I Know Myself'