Adam Lambert is back on the market. The openly gay singer and former 'American Idol' contestant has split with his longtime boyfriend Sauli Koskinen, who is a reporter on Finnish TV.

Before you go, "Oh no," and wish you could put your arm around Glambert to give him a comforting hug, the good news is that things are actually okay. His heart was not ripped out by the split. To hear him tell it, the breakup was the logical next move for the pair.

Lambert told South Florida Gay News (via StarCrush) that he and Koskinen remain "really good friends" and while he knows "it's a cliché thing to say," it's simply the truth.

The two remain close, with Lambert joking that he just brought coffee and a bagel to his ex that very day. "He’s a great person and we’ve had an amazing couple of years together," the singer said. "Things have just run their course."

The two made news in late 2011 for getting into a fight and arrested in Finland, which the singer chalked up to too much alcohol and nothing more – no big at the time.

Reaching its natural endpoint, combined with Lambert traveling and working, and Koskinen also working a lot, they merely "decided to part ways."

It's got us wondering -- who should Glams date next? Our vote is for actor Zachary Quinto from 'Star Trek.' Without the Spock ears, though!

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