It's Adam Lambert's Fault. At least for the spring.The singer graces the cover of the new issue of Fault, ditching the two-inch thick layer of black guyliner. His spiky black locks remain a constant, but he eased up on the eye gunk, allowing his crystal blue eyes to shine. He sheds the goth look in favor of dapper, thanks to that camel-colored jacket which tops a red plaid blazer paired with a bow tie.

In the accompanying feature, the former 'American Idol' fave declares that he is a "crazy hedonistic rebel who wants to liberate the masses." We're assuming his new album 'Trespassing,' which is due to drop this spring, will help the man known as Glambert achieve that goal.

Lambert admitted to not always being sure of himself, saying, "I’m not always as strong and confident as I may seem. I work hard to project pride and poise when faced with judgment and heartache. That is how I cope. I feel a bit of pressure to set a certain example that suggests that I deserve my place in this industry. I'm hard on myself and critical."

The openly gay Lambert revealed that prior to meeting his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen – the one he had that domestic dustup with over the holidays -- he had so many relationship ups and downs.

"I was always falling for the wrong guys, which caused my self worth to suffer," the singer said with refreshing candor. "This is just some of what the album explores.”