Adam Lambert's heart may be a ghost town, but a performance of his newest single on The Voice Australia this weekend elicited nothing but lively crowds.

The Original High singer, whose single has breached Australia's Top 20 chart, according to Billboard, kicked off The Voice's series of live shows with a rendition of his newest single. Judge Jessie J, for one, couldn't help but dance and clap along (you can watch it here).

"So much fun on the voice tonight," Lambert tweeted after the show.

The performance, which featured a small band, smoky accents and moody lighting, was a noticeable departure from shows past, when the former American Idol contestant would show off his more dramatic Broadway roots. Either way, Lambert told Yahoo! UK yesterday that he's glad media outlets have stopped reducing him to a "gay artist."

"I think the people in the industry have realized that it doesn’t matter to people buying music, it just doesn’t make a difference, it’s not a big deal anymore," he shared. "I like that we are moving towards a post-gay mentality where it doesn’t have to be the thing that defines you...It doesn’t have to be one of the facts and details about you as an artist; I don’t think it makes sense to be ‘gay artist Adam Lambert,' it’s just not necessary."

Check out the full performance, and tell us what you think!

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