A new lawsuit alleges that Adam Lambert was still under contract with another entertainment company when he appeared on 'American Idol' in 2009 and that all of his post-'Idol' releases violate that contract.

Billboard reports that Colwel Platinum Entertainment, an organization Lambert worked with several years ago, filed a lawsuit in a California federal court last week claiming that the 'AI' runner-up was technically under contract with them when he auditioned for the reality show.

Colwel had been marketing a new album called 'Beg for Mercy' that included songs Lambert recorded for the company, but his reps sent a request to Amazon.com to remove the album, which they did on Oct. 14. That take down sparked the lawsuit, which includes the following charge: "Upon information and belief, Lambert, through his authorized agent and representative, knowingly materially misrepresented to Amazon.com in the 'takedown notice' that Amazon's promotion and sale of the Album infringe Lambert's rights."

Colwel claims it spent $200,000 to record Lambert's songs, which included a track apparently called 'MP3s Killed the Record Companies.' Lambert and reps for 'Idol' have not commented on the matter.