Want a dose of extra cute to brighten up your day? Then all you need to do is watch this 40-second preview of former 'American Idol' contestant Adam Lambert as he jams with the kids on 'Majors & Minors.' Uh-dorable! Yes, we're talking about the kids, their reaction to Lambert and how sweet he is when performing for them. It's a vortex of cute. For real.

Lambert was dressed in all-black with his trademark spiky hair –he wisely toned down the loads of eyeliner he is known for, since he was mentoring a bunch of kiddies and it was better to focus on his voice than his image at this point. He elected to sing his hit 'Whataya Want From Me' over an unplugged guitar line. It was all about Lambert's voice, which got him where he is today.

Lambert certainly got the kids stoked by performing in such an intimate environment for them. It's not every day that superstars come into their lives ... other than on this show. There's an extra-adorable confessional from little Grace, who talks about how much she loves Lambert and how excited she was to meet him in person and have him walk out and sing right in front of her face. Aw!

The full episode airs on Sunday at Nov. 13 on The Hub.

Watch Adam Lambert Perform on 'Majors & Minors'