After his guest appearance on 'Project Runway,' Adam Lambert spent some quality time with host Heidi Klum, and the two discussed makeup, style, and even his upcoming sophomore album.

Lambert stated the obvious by announcing that he's a big fan of makeup. "I look like 12 without makeup on," he said. "I just like it. When I moved to L.A. when I was 20, I was going to clubs and putting glitter on, wearing boots, and I just like it."

In addition to noting his love of platform boots and jackets, Lambert discussed his current hair style, a look he created with his hairdresser. "We're always experimenting," he said. "Two years ago when I was on 'Idol,' we were doing turquoise and lime and blue. I told her I wanted to look like a wolf. So it's a little bit silver. I wanted to go kind of animal."

Lambert told Klum that when he's driving in the car, he listens to his own music. But he has a good excuse -- he's trying to put together his next album. "It might sound narcissistic, but it's part of the process. I wanna listen to it a million times to see if I love it still, or if I find something that I don't like."

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