Adam Lambert is sharing yet another teaser for his upcoming video, 'Better Than I Know Myself.' The 'American Idol' alum posted a 38 second clip of the video on his VEVO page to tide fans over until his big debut. Lambert tweeted the video link to his fans, writing, "Ready to see a sneak peek of "Better Than I Know Myself"? Head over to @VEVO and take a look." The teaser is, appropriately enough, brief. We see Lambert alone in an apartment going about his day: he writes, he meditates (there's even a mechanism determining oxygen levels in the room), he gazes thoughtfully out windows.

The warm lighting creates a homey ambiance that's accentuated by the cozy look Lambert sports. He trades in his trademark leather jackets, studs and eyeliner for a plain white t-shirt, a knit sweater and a naked face. Though his hair isn't quite as dramatic as usual -- the lighting and styling change it from his usual slick, sometimes spiked jet black to a softer, browner style -- it's still fierce.

'Better Than I Know Myself" is the lead single off of Lambert's sophomore record, 'Trespassing.' Advance listens of the record say that while the ballad is a great song, it's a "misrepresentation" of the rest of Lambert's album, which mainly consists of the dance rock he's famous for.

Though the song is essentially Lambert singing to a lover he crossed, he's alone in the teaser. He said in his behind-the-scenes video, “What we came up with was a nice twist on the song. I think when viewers see the video, they’ll look at the lyrics a little bit differently.” We can't wait to see the final product that he came up with!

Watch Adam Lambert, 'Better Than I Know Myself' Teaser Video