Adam Lambert performed the brand new song 'Outlaws of Love' off of his forthcoming album at the Sainte Agathe Festival in Canada on July 29, 2011. Lambert even acknowledged that it was the world premiere of the song and that he expected to see a clip of it on YouTube afterwords -- naturally, he was right. Audience-filmed footage of the ballad was available online for all the singer's fans to soak in, no matter what their geographical locale.

Before launching into the emotional, heartfelt song, Lambert said, "I've got a little treat. I've been working for the past couple months." That statement alone was met with a chorus of screams. Actually, you might want to turn the sound down at about 30 seconds in because the shrieks are deafening and will cause dogs to start barking. Our neighbors to the north really heart Lambert.

Lambert had the screaming fans eating out of his leather-gloved hand. Lambert, cloaked in a leather vest and fingerless gloves, was dressed head-to-toe in black, except for the frosted blond tips of his spiky hair. The glamour puss and former 'American Idol' contestant told the crowd that 'Outlaws of Love' is about acceptance, saying, "I wrote it about how it feels, that no matter where you go or where you turn, you're just running from the law."

It's a big, bold, but simply sung ballad that's larger-than-life, sort of like Lambert himself. The pretty song also allows Lambert to project his voice, proving that he really can sing. Strip away all the smoky eye makeup, the eyeliner and the flashy, flamboyant image and Lambert is still a stunning singer, especially when he sings, "Scars make us who we are" and "Tears all fall the same." True dat.

Watch Adam Lambert Perform 'Outlaws of Love'