Just because New York has made it possible for same-sex marriages to be legal, doesn't mean that Adam Lambert will be rushing to the Big Apple any time soon to wed his new boyfriend, Sauli Koskinen. And if he does, he will more than likely keep it to himself.

"I don't like to talk about my relationship so if you see pictures of us out to dinner together, then great," Lambert tells Us Magazine. "[But] I don't see myself getting married in the future."

Lambert will, however, continue to be vocal about his views, which he says at one time he questioned. "[My sexual orientation] has caused controversy, and at first, I got nervous," he admits. "This is a tricky career path, especially since most musicians aren't as open as I am. At first I thought, did I go too far? Was this a mistake? I realized I have to trust my gut and be myself. I can't please everyone."

He will be pleasing his fans once again in the near future, as he wraps work on his latest album. "I have been busy in the studio writing and recording, so that has been taking up most of my time," notes Lambert. "I have had a lot of time to reflect on my journey. I have learned and grown and evolved. I am proud of the strides I've made."

"This album is different in that is has a more serious tone," he continues. "There is definitely fun, upbeat music on there, too. This album has a thread of honesty in that it is real and personal. On this album I let people in further. It is an autobiographical album that portrays my dreams and aspirations. There are also some songs that deal with heartache and love. Whereas my old album was fun, campy, and over the top, this album is more contemporary and honest. The last album was more of a fantasy and this album is a search for my identity."

Lambert has hopes of his forthcoming project to hit stores later this fall.

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