Adam Lambert's upcoming sophomore album 'Trespassing' sounds more exciting with every new detail. The colorful singer invited Rolling Stone into his studio and said his new record incorporates a number of different genres and lyrical themes. "There's party music, sex music, f---ed-up-relationship S&M music," Lambert told the mag. "But every song explores something real."

Lambert has been working with producers Pharrell and Dr. Luke on much of the music, which mixes everything from disco to '90s electronica to dubstep. Lambert described the track 'Shady,' which features Nile Rodgers of Chic, as "Nine Inch Nails meets 'Saturday Night Fever'."

Another song targeted for 'Trespassing' is 'Outlaws of Love,' a track about gay marriage. Regarding the song's inspiration, Lambert referenced his long-term boyfriend, Sauli Koskinen, saying, "I'd never considered marriage before. But now that I am, I can't do it."

Pharrell raved about the 'American Idol' alum, saying, "This kid has a voice like a siren. There's no guys singing in that Steve Winwood -- Peter Cetera range."

Lambert recognizes that his success is all due to his run on 'Idol.' "No major label would've signed a gay 27-year-old white theater dude without 'Idol'," he says. "Now it's about how I use the platform. Whoever you are, I hope you can find yourself in these songs. If that happens, I've won."