'American Idol' alum Adam Lambert brought his glam fabulosity to the stage on tonight's (May 17) elimination episode. He performed his new single 'Never Close Our Eyes' from his brand new platter 'Trespassing.' Oh, Glambert, there are few as stylish as you. And you know what? You always hit the notes, too.

First, the fashion. The loud and proud singer's earrings matched his bright fluorescent yellow t-shirt, which looked like the clothing equivalent of a highlighter that college students use to mark up textbooks. Even so, he made it look stylin'. Glambs paired the bright yellow shirt (and earrings) with black leather trousers and a shimmery grey blazer. While he has been rocking more tame hair in photo shoots and appearances lately, it was full on Glambert hair tonight. Big, bold, beautiful and blackened!

Now, for the song. He infused it with lots of high-energy wails and exuded some seriously infectious energy while he danced and sang. We admit it. We were grooving on the couch. Lambert has tons and tons of stage presence and loads of star power, which is a combo that many artists want but don't have. It's authentic and his music feels good. He was born to get on that stage and entertain and we love his dramatic, flamboyant voice.

Hard to believe he didn't win his season, which was Season 8. He lost to Kris Allen, for those keeping score at home. But even though he wasn't an official 'Idol,' he still has had a super hot career and he didn't need that title to get where he is.

Watch Adam Lambert Perform 'Never Close Our Eyes' on 'American Idol'