Adam Lambert got personal in a new interview with AOL Sessions. He not only plugged 'Trespassing,' he also talked about adopting kids someday and how his relationship has affected his music.

Lambert revealed that his album title, 'Trespassing,' was no accident. "The album title is 'Trespassing,' it's the title track because, to me, the song 'Trespassing,' is like a mission statement," Lambert explained. "I wrote the song with Pharrell Williams, who is an amazing, great pop producer, and I felt like the lyrics of the song summed up what I'm about as an artist and as a person. I do feel like a trespasser, but not in a literal sense, because I don't think I've broken into any property recently," he joked. "On a more figurative level, I feel like I'm very different than the normal dude. I'm pretty eccentric, and as far as the music industry is concerned, I feel like a bit of an outsider. There are times when I feel like I'm breaking new ground by breaking in. Hopefully this album let's people kind of see that rebel."

His new sound surely reflects that much, and he thanks Pharrell for a lot of that, saying the hip-hop giant saved him from going down a more familiar road with this record. "I was working with my label on this album, and when we started it was kind of going down a similar path to what I had already done, and I just wasn't feeling totally inspired by it," Lambert admitted. "And I said, when I listen to these certain funk songs in my music library, it puts me in a good mood. It makes me want to dance, it makes me smile. I realized that I really wanted to make feel-good music and we started talking about some producers and knocking around some names, and Pharrell came up, and I thought, 'Wow, if he'll work with me, I'd be totally thrilled,'" Lambert gushed. Imagine his joy when he learned Pharrell agreed! "They confirmed it, I got to the studio and I thought, 'I'm not cool enough to be here, this guy is the coolest mothaf---a out there!'" Lambert laughed. "He's shaped pop and hip-hop over the last decade and I was a little intimidated."

Part of why Pharrell and Lambert worked well together is that they relate to one another on quite a few different planes. "What was cool was, after arriving at the studio and sitting down and talking with him, we connected on an intellectual level," Lambert said. "He's so smart, and he's so big picture. We talked about the music industry and life and identity, and one of the main things we talked about, which kind of kicked off the song 'Trespassing,' was different types of discrimination, and fitting into the world and finding your own path," he added. "I think that's what 'Trespassing' is really about. It's about saying, 'I know I may not be welcome here, I know I'm different and I know you're saying 'keep out,' but I'm not going to let that stop me. I'm going to do what my heart is telling me to do and do it proudly.'"

Someone else Lambert works well with? His long-term boyfriend. Aww! "I think there's a certain amount of balance that comes with a stable relationship, and it feels good. When you haven't really had a lot of experience in serious, long-term relationships, you don't realize it's missing," Lambert said. "I had a great time being single, and I found a lot of strength and courage in that, and individuality, doing my own thing and being my own person. That was really important for me to go through, but I'm in a place now where I can offer something to somebody, because of that time," he explained. "So I feel like now there's this balance; I have me and all the things that I've worked out with myself and my identity, and now I can be a part of a couple, and it's a beautiful thing. I think deep down everybody kind of wants that," the romantic 'American Idol' alum said. "Maybe not all the time, maybe not for your whole life, but we all want companionship."

Does that companionship include rugrats? Maybe someday, but not just yet. "I certainly feel like I should have the right to [adopt] if I want to," Lambert said. "I think kids are amazing. I wasn't around a lot of children when I was growing up -- besides my brother and I -- and I wasn't around a lot of infants until recently. I have a godson. Two good friends of mine have a baby, and he's amazing, and watching him from infancy to now -- he's still a toddler -- it's just like, it's amazing," he enthused.

The 'Never Close Our Eyes' singer explained part of what he loves about little ones is their simplicity and innocence. "Amazing to watch a child grow and to see things through their eyes, I mean it's so easy for them and it's so simple for them, and it's inspiring. It kind of makes you remember, you know what, it's really not that deep," he said. "Life can be this kind of beautiful, surreal, novel experience if you want it to be. And it's a beautiful thing to watch a child go through that."

And now the most important question: How does he feel about the name "Glambert?" "I like the name Glambert, I mean it fits, I suppose. Sounds like my name," he laughed. "I'm into glam rock. I don't know, I don't think I would pick another nickname. I will always go by Adam, I never had a nickname growing up, so there you go." Seriously, how can you not love this guy?

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