Seems like it's getting a little less lonely at the top...

Adam Lambert, whose third album The Original High will hit stores on June 16, earned the distinction of being the first openly gay artist to notch a No. 1 album on the Billboard charts with his 2012 Trespassing. Since then, Sam Smith has come close (his In The Lonely Hour peaked at No. 2) and, though both have enjoyed plenty of success since, Lambert told Billboard they've bonded over the disorienting experience of being a popular LGBT artist.

"We've commiserated on how it is to be gay in the media," the "Ghost Town" singer said. "But a lot has changed. People are not as hung up on it. I'd like to think that the media doesn't sensationalize it as much, but sometimes I'm proven wrong."

And while Lambert can't control what's written about him, he refused to acquiesce to a label that demanded an '80s album from him as a follow-up to his sophomore effort. So, in 2013, he and the RCA parted ways, and he's since committed to staying true to his own sound.

"I'm not an '80s guy," admitted. "I don't know '80s music. I have a lot of respect for the label's opinions, so I sat with the idea and started researching the time period, but it just wasn't resonating with me. It felt forced."

Surprised to hear Lambert has found a pal in Smith? Be sure to check out the whole interview, and share your thoughts.

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