Adam Lambert may be known as 'Glambert' thanks to his fabulous hair and makeup artist-like savvy when it comes to applying eyeliner, but that doesn't mean that the singer can't or won't get down and dirty. In this image, from what we think is the set of his 'Never Close Our Eyes' video, Lambert deftly demostrates this ability. He's all sorts of filthy and dressed down.

Lambert tweeted the image writing, "Rebels on the run. 'it only gets better if we want it to," a play on a line from 'Never Close Our Eyes.' He's shed his signature uniform of all black, which usually consists of something constructed of leather, in favor of gray duds.

Lambert is surrounded by a crew of similarly dressed and dirty folks, making us think they are his back up dancers. They are a bit grimier than Glambert -- okay, maybe we should call him Lambert since he's not all glammed out or dolled up in this image.

The singer did tweet that he was filming a new video on May 1, posting: "Music Video shoot today!!! Woohoo." So we're piecing the info together about this shot through process of elimination.

We will say that Adam Lambert is one of the few dudes out there who can get filthy and still look faboo.

Lambert's 'Trespassing' lands on May 15.