A new "A" is set to make an appearance on everyone's favorite show 'Pretty Little Liars,' specifically Adam Lambert! Let's just say that the town of Rosewood is about to get rocked, just... without the murder and missing young teenage girls and all. Again. Well, we think anyway.

It turns out that the 'American Idol' runner-up will be filming a role for the hit ABC Family show as early as next week! News of the casting move was first reported by Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, and he noted that Lambert's episode will air in October; just about that time when girls everywhere will get a "desperately needed fix" of the show two months after the season's end.

Since the current said season is about to come to an end in mid-August -- we know, we know, we're kind of buggin' about it too -- the show is already teasing the new season with a Halloween based episode; Lambert will be making his onscreen appearance alongside 'PLL' cutie Lucy Hale, who plays Aria, and will also be singing two songs. "Yep--- imma be a Pretty Little Liar!" read a tweet from Lambert, confirming the news.

And while we were kind of surprised by the addition of Lambert (no one really famous has stepped foot on to the set), we're kind of excited to see where the writers will take this. At least Mr. Seacrest sees this as a good move on the show's part. "Is there a better pick than Glambert for that episode?" said Seacrest. "That guy is a Halloween party on two legs!"

We're kind of hoping for a 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' theme here! He'd make a killer Frank-N-Furter!

Listen to Ryan Seacrest Announce Adam Lambert's New Role