Adam Lambert is making sure that his sophomore album will be an accurate reflection of himself, according to those he's working with on the new material.

Songwriter Evan Bogart tells The Hollywood Reporter, “Adam has really taken the reigns on this record. I haven't heard all the songs, but what I did hear, they're very Adam -- deep and true.”

Bogart goes on to explain how Lambert's next album may differ from his debut, 'For Your Entertainment': "On the first record, it was very much a let-your-flag-show kind of thing. This one is more specific to what's going on in his life and his relationships. I think he's making a very personal record. He's leading the charge and in control of it.”

Bogart is a creator of 'Majors & Minors,' a new series in which accomplished artists mentor aspiring singers between the ages of 10 and 16. Lambert is one of the "majors" on the show.

Lambert said earlier this month that his next album will be out in early 2012, with a single hopefully coming in October. Adam said of the writing process, "I have over 30 songs, 35 songs, that are in various states of completion … I’m doing a lot more of the writing myself, it’s a bit more contemporary sounding, I think, a bit more ‘now.’"