We all knew Adam Lambert could hit high notes, but who knew all the work that went into it? The 'American Idol' alum shows just how much he works at sounding as amazing as he does in new promos for VH1 'Divas Live,' which he'll host on Dec. 16.

In one clip, Glambert has a hard time choosing a mic that can handle his powerhouse pipes. In another, he channels the late Ella Fitzgerald and shatters glass throughout the theater. In the third -- our favorite -- the 'Never Close Our Eyes' singer drinks tea and mixes all sorts of things together to coat his throat before belting out a tune. It's hard work being a diva!

Watch Adam Lambert Shatter Glass in His VH1 'Divas Live' Promo

Watch Adam Lambert Coat His Throat in His VH1 'Divas Live' Promo