Adam Levine gave Carson Daly a call yesterday to discuss how he really feels about Christina Aguilera, his colleague on 'The Voice' and duet partner on the song 'Moves Like Jagger.'

Levine began the radio interview by sharing his enthusiasm for 'Moves Like Jagger,' saying, "I'm so excited about this tune ... I'm seriously so stoked."

Next came the subject of Christina. Despite the pair's occasional on-air quibbles, Levine said he likes and respects her:

"I think she's an amazing talent. We've had our stupid little bickering on the show, but it doesn't mean anything. We're just playing around. I think this will be a testament to the fact that we're not gonna let the reality TV gods pit us against each other."

Levine told Daly his initial reluctance about joining 'The Voice' has faded: "I was definitely skeptical, but I fell in love with it. The cool thing is we're all fans of the show. We're spectators, in a huge way. It's such a cool, all-inclusive thing where everyone's just passionate about everyone's success."

With each team down to two members, the Maroon 5 frontman said he's most worried about competition from Beverly McClellan. "I wanted Beverly," he said. "I really wanted her. But I lost her, and now I must destroy her."

Levine took the high road when Daly asked him about Aguilera's boobs, saying, "I'm not saying anything... no comment."