Adam Levine was the couch guest (and musical performer) on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' last night (June 28), with the host christening him "Mr. Big Time," since he is now acting and making the leap to films with 'Can a Song Save Your Life?' That's in conjunction with his upcoming role on the small screen in 'American Horror Story.' Lest we forget Levine's band Maroon 5 just dropped 'Overexposed.'

The question about his relationship with fellow 'The Voice' coach Christina Aguilera inevitably came up, with Fallon bluntly and flat out asking if they hate each other. Talk about skipping the sugar coating! Levine joked that he is high-maintenance and a diva now that he is "Mr. Big Time."

"She's great. We had a rough start," Levine said. "We both were diva-ed out a little bit. I say that with kindness. But we're cool. Now, we're getting along really well. We found our stride on the show."

When Fallon held up the cover of 'Overexposed,' Levine said that when he first saw a draft of the album art, the nose had boogers coming out of it, to which he told his people, "Kill the boogers and we're good." That's when Fallon launched into an impromptu version of a new tune called -- you guessed it! -- 'Kill the Boogers and We're Good.' Gross? Yes. Hilarious? You bet!

Levine also spoke about his view on the music industry and singles vs. albums in the second clip, all the while being playful with Jimmy, author of the new Maroon 5 hit, 'Kill the Boogers and We're Good.'

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