'The Voice' opened with a happy performance by Jessie J, but quickly turned to a somewhat somber affair once eliminations started. Team Adam was the first to approach the plank.


"This is a game. No matter what happens, I love you all. You're all so good," proud coach Adam Levine said earnestly.

Mathai was the first person saved by America, followed by Tony Lucca -- apparently, based on her "over it" expression, much to Christina Aguilera's chagrin. Why so bitter, girl!? Is there bad blood with Lucca supporter Justin Timberlake that we don't know about? Lastly, Pip was announced as the final safe artist on Team Adam.

Kim Yarbough, Katrina Parker and Karla Davis were in the bottom three for Team Adam.

Yarbough performed Jennifer Hudson's 'Spotlight' to save herself, and she sounded almost exactly like the 'Dreamgirls' starlet.

Davis sang a heartwrenching rendition of Bonnie Raitt's 'I Can't Make You Love Me,' and it was much more suited to her strengths than her ill-advised, if unique, cover of B.o.B's 'Airplanes.' Her slight breathiness worked well with the song, because it made her sound extra emotional and seemed to connect even better with the heartbroken, defeated lyrics.

Parker did a kick-booty job with No Doubt's 'Don't Speak,' giving a sense of urgency that wasn't lost on the panel, who were unanimous in their support of the blonde bombshell.

"I definitely felt more of a sense of urgency from Karla and Katrina," Blake Shelton said. "I lean more towards Katrina, myself."

"It's a really sucky position to be in for both of you. I know it's hard as a coach to see you guys up there, and equally hard for you guys to be up there," Aguilera said. "My favorite hands down, and who takes this, no question, is Katrina."

"Under these circumstances, I know it's hard to perform," Cee Lo said, clearing his throat. "I thought you guys all did great jobs under those circumstances." However, Cee Lo said that taking song choice and performance into consideration, he'd pick Parker.

"Guys, take a look around a minute. Realize where you are, realize how many millions of people have seen you perform," Levine said. He emphasized the show's difficulty and refused to draw it out anymore than he had to. "I have to make the decision that I have to make for the show," he said, "and I pick Katrina."

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