Maroon 5 singer/guitarist Adam Levine is a judge on 'The Voice,' which has really sent his stock into the stratosphere. Levine recently sat down for a chat with Piers Morgan about the cultural watershed that is 'The Voice,' as well as his thoughts on fellow pop stars like Lady Gaga, Adele and Justin Bieber in the context of how he'd view them as contestants on the show.

While the show's coaches always engaged in a little banter, Levine acknowledged that they never got competitive. They never wanted things to get ugly, which is probably why the show was successful in its debut season.

"We never wanted the producers to kind of bait us into that zone in being competitive with each other," the singer said. It showed, as Levine and his coaching panel of Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton always offered positive comments and spoke about what they loved about the other coaches team members. "I feel like I have three great new friends," Levine said. "It was awesome and we have fun and it was playfully competitive."

Levine's team member Javier Colon eventually took the crown on the season finale, where Levine was visibly moved. He admitted to freaking out the night before, as he grew to care so much about his charge. Of the fact that Colon was crowned 'The Voice,' Levine said, "I just wanted the right person to win."

Morgan put Levine in the hot spot and dropped the names of a bunch of pop stars, asking how he thinks they'd fare as competitors on 'The Voice.' When asked about Lady Gaga, Levine replied, "She's a performer." As for Adele, Levine said, "She's ridiculous, she's so good. She would win in two seconds." And his thoughts on Justin Bieber? "Great singer. That kid can sing," Levine explained, saying he could also win 'The Voice.'

Overall, Levine reiterated that Colon is so talented that he is almost supernatural, and it helped him put his own voice in perspective. He said, "This was a very humbling experience [for me]. I'm a fine singer, I have a decent voice, I think I have a distinct voice, but I don't have once of these belty voices like Javier [Colon], so my own confidence in myself I don't think would make me a winner."

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