Adam Levine may come across as a badass, what with his tats and rocker 'tude, but don't be fooled. The Maroon 5 frontman is a scaredy cat! He admitted that he can't talk about his role in 'American Horror Story' for two reasons: One, Ryan Murphy keeps telling him to shut up, and two, he's too scared to actually watch the show.

"I can tell you nothing 'cause Ryan Murphy's already yelled at me like six times," Levine, who plays one half of 'The Lovers,' told MTV. "Ryan, I'm not going to say anything. Don't worry. He texted me the other day like, 'Shut up, stop talking about it,' 'cause he likes to shroud everything in secrecy."

MTV tracked down one of the 'AHS' writers, Tim Minear, who revealed that season two takes place in the 1960s -- but that Levine's character may not necessarily be there during that time. "Let's say that Adam's character is kind of a nod to contemporary sensibilities," Minear said cryptically, "as opposed to something from the mid-century."

Murphy himself previously revealed a bit about Levine's part. “He’s a sexy guy, so he needs to play a sexy guy, but a guy that is different than who you think he would play,” Murphy said. “I pitched him the part and he listened slack jawed and simply said, ‘I’m in.’ The second season [of 'American Horror Story'] is fun, sexy and baroque. It has a lot of meat to it. It’s a really gritty part.”

'American Horror Story' isn't Levine's only foray into acting. He's also slated to star as Keira Knightley's wayward boyfriend in the upcoming feature film, 'Can a Song Save Your Life?'.

Adam did divulge one secret about 'AHS': He's afraid to watch it! "I'm still too scared to watch it," he admitted. "But I'm gonna try and beat my fear of really creepy, scary things like that by doing it. I think that's a good way to tackle that fear."

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