Adam Levine pitted folk singer Rebecca Loebe against pre-med, a cappella singer Devon Barley in a matchup of Radiohead's 'Creep' in his latest battle round on 'The Voice.'

"I was really excited because I love Devon as a person, but I was also nervous, immediately, because he's really, really talented," said Rebecca. "I'm really excited to sing 'Creep' by Radiohead. [They're] one of my favorite bands."

Barley was less familiar with the song, and Adam had to give him a lot of guidance. "Devon is a little reluctant, and I could tell," said Adam. "And he wears his emotions on his sleeve."

"I feel like this song's about not necessarily fitting in and being at a crossroads," remarked Barley. "And that's sort of where I am in my life."

For the performance, Barley started off the haunting song before giving way to Loebe. The two dueted on the chorus, with their voices nicely complementing each other.

Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green both preferred Barley's performance, but it was ultimately up to Levine. "This is really throwing me for a loop," said the Maroon 5 singer. "I gotta go with you, Devon." While Barley moves on to the upcoming live shows, Loebe's run on the show ends.

Watch Devon Barley and Rebecca Loebe Perform 'Creep' on 'The Voice'