It's not easy being a pop star. Singers develop thick skin to deal with the haters, and often their tough sides come through in their music. Fortunately for music fans, this often results in amazing visual to accompany these songs. Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera all posed as  boxers for musical performances. Who wears boxing gloves the best?

Katy Perry's 'Roar' is all about sticking up for yourself, even if it means fighting for what you want. Seeing as the lyrics reference Muhammed Ali, it makes sense that when KP performed the track at the 2013 MTV VMAs, she adopted a boxing theme. From her silk shorts to her animal print sports bra, we think she owned this look.

Maroon 5 hit a sad note with their 'One More Night' video. Adam Levine conveys a boxer who goes to fight only to come home and find his family has left him. The heartbreak is heightened with the intensity of the boxing match, which shows a shirtless Adam physically exhausted battling with all his might while his baby mama packs up.

One of Christina Aguilera's most iconic music videos is 'Dirrty,' the visual that introduced her new, "mature" look. The video is mostly Christina dirty dancing in chaps or short skirts, but it does feature an interlude where she hops in the boxing ring. We get that she had to fight to ditch the Disney image, and the fight is a metaphor for her struggle to be seen as an adult. Message received, Xtina.

Which of these stars sports boxing gloves the best? Check out the videos, below, and be sure to vote in the poll!

Watch Katy Perry Perform 'Roar' at the MTV VMAs

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