We're not quite sure how to take this. After sweeping almost every awards ceremony imaginable for her breakup anthems on '21' -- not to mention reveling in her happy relationship with boyfriend Simon Konecki -- Adele is being offered $1 million to be the fact of a dating site for plus-sized women.

The Sun reports that suits from thebigandthebeautiful.com approached Adele's people and made an offer for a nice chunk of change for an endorsement deal. Site founder, 'America's Next Top Model' winner Whitney Thompson, called the service a place for "women with curves and men who love them." On Adele, Thompson gushed, "Adele is a ridiculously talented bombshell. I would be proud to work alongside her to continue to show the world what curvy girls are made of."

While Adele's romantic struggles have clearly influenced her music, she keeps her private life private, so we doubt she'll bite. We also doubt she'll appreciate the attention association with the site will draw to her weight. (She already dealt with enough of that from Karl Lagerfeld.) Why can't people just let her sing and leave her alone?!

This all sounds to us like thebigandthebeautiful.com is simply using Adele's name to attract attention. While it certainly worked, we doubt it will attract a spokeswoman.