Not since 'My Heart Will Go On' was being played every four minutes on the radio has an album been at the top of the Billboard charts so often. Following the Christmas holiday, during which Michael Buble topped the charts with 'Christmas,' Adele is again in the number one slot.

'21' has enjoyed 14 non-consecutive weeks as the best selling album, and is tied for third place (behind albums from Whitney Houston and Carole King) for most consecutive weeks at No. 1 for an album by a female artist. Go Adele!

It seems like finally parents understand that parents just don't understand, because a lot of younger folks got iTunes gift cards this year to buy the stuff they really want. The charts show this, with rising album sales for Drake and Young Jeezy, and an entry into the Top 10 for LMFAO, whose single 'Sexy and I Know It' remains the No. 1  single. Apparently, a lot of people are party rocking in the new year.

Sales for Adele's '21' have obviously slowed, but its ability to climb back up to No. 1 is a testament to its staying power. Hopefully, we'll continue to see more of Adele in 2012.