After having to reschedule her North American tour dates due to a serious case of laryngitis, 'Rolling in the Deep' songstress Adele has officially been given the OK to start singing again.

Adele recently spoke to BBC Newsbeat's Chris Moyles (of Radio 1) about her illness. She said, "It's basically a hole in your vocal cord but I sang through it so that's why it popped. I'm better now it's fine, I got the all-clear." She was able to exercise her newly-rested vocals for the first time at a gay pride event in London over the weekend.

In other news, Adele and her closest friends are busy taking in her international fame. "I flew my friends out to New York and I made them come to all the shows. I think they were a bit bored by the end," she told Moyles. "I get to share it with my friends, which is really nice and I never got to do that before. I don't like talking about [my career] when I come home, because all I ever do is talk about what I do. So I like to just be normal with my mates."

Adele also hinted at some huge news, but kept it on the cryptic side. "There's a possibility I'm doing something quite big next year but I've got a meeting about it on Friday."

The 23-year-old will return to North America in August, with her first American performance in Seattle, Wash. on Aug. 12.

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