Even though Adele is having a great year career wise, her health has been an issue for the singer over the past few months. The British chanteuse recently got over a bout of laryngitis, but now she is battling a chest infection, forcing her to cancel a few of her scheduled performances in the UK.

Adele attended the Mercury Awards on Sept. 6, however, she could not perform onstage as she was meant to due to the chest infection. On top of this, Adele has also canceled three performances she had scheduled for this week, with the most recent being her show on Thursday, Sept. 8 in Blackpool, England.

A statement was released on Adele's official website concerning the cancellations. "It is with regret that due to continuing problems with a serious cold and chest infection, Adele has had to postpone her show tonight, Wednesday September 7th in Cardiff and the following date tomorrow, Thursday September 8th in Blackpool," the statement reads.

Adele's rep continues, "She had cancelled her performance at The Mercury Awards (sic) last night in the hope she would be able to continue her live dates, but has been told by her doctors that she is still not well enough to perform … Adele is extremely sorry and apologizes for any inconvenience caused and looks forward to seeing you all at the rescheduled shows."

Adele also posted a picture of her on her website with a sad face and a sign that reads "I'm so sorry." We forgive you, Adele! Everyone gets sick, and we just hope you feel better soon.