Adele graces the cover of the December 2011 issue of the U.K. edition of Cosmpolitan, right next to the headline that screams '100 Best Sex Tips of the Year.'

When we say that the 'Someone Like You' singer graces the cover, we mean it. In an age where pop tarts and starlets let it all hang out on mag covers, Adele poses with grace and class. She is beautiful even though she covers up!

Adele looks smashing and ravishing, her curvy figure encased in a form-fitting, flattering black and leopard print dress -- it's Dolce & Gabbana -- with her hands perched on her hips. Her thick, wavy hair frames her face. Her soft makeup makes her look like the prettiest, most ripe English rose, with "just pinched" cheeks, flushed pink lips and thick black cat-eye liner, which is quickly becoming her signature.

The cover is, in one word and two syllables: Stunning!

We're happy to report that Adele is not cropped from the neck up; she's showing off her curvy frame and we love it. Adele is proud to be plus-size and kudos to Cosmo U.K. for allowing her to pose as she pleases.

In the feature, Adele talks about her breakup, much of which inspired the best-selling '21',' as well as her favorite singers. She lists Etta James and Aretha Franklin as her inspirational soul divas!

Also, Adele does have one thing in common with fellow pop queen Lady Gaga in this cover image. Check out her sharpened-to-a-point, dagger-like talons. Even when lacquered with a neutral beige polish, those things look dangerous. Adele takes that whole leopard motif to a new level with matching nails!