Here's a phrase we didn't think we'd ever be saying... Adele may be headed down the same road as Beyonce. The 24-year-old singer expressed interest in doing a similar up-close-and-personal documentary like Queen B's 'Life Is But a Dream.'

According to The Mirror, the 'Skyfall' singer reportedly said, "Maybe I’ll do a HBO special like Beyonce did," after her big night at the Oscars, though there are reports that both FOX and CNN are interested in a documentary. An insider said, "As soon as Adele said she could be interested in a show, TV producers were compiling suggestions." With a big interview on the line like this, networks are probably chomping at the bit to score the rights and they'll most likely pay top dollar, too. So much, that it would probably cover little Angelo's college fund and MUCH more.

This would be a great opportunity for Adele to address her very private personal life on her own terms. She's been very hush-hush about her relationship with Simon Konecki, not to mention there's been little to no information released about her baby boy Angelo. The singer hasn't done an in-depth interview since she sat down with Anderson Cooper on '60 Minutes' ahead of last year's Grammy Awards.

There is also talk that Adele could give her big interview to British TV personality Alan Carr, who the singer is good friends with. Carr reportedly visited Adele last year after her son was born.

This type of movie could mean big bucks for Adele, but we wouldn't be surprised if she decided against a film of this nature. She seems perfectly happy with her very-private personal life, so don't hold your breath waiting for this all-inclusive look in Adele's bidness. Trust us.

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