Adele covers the music issue of Entertainment Weekly aka EW, which just landed on stands. There's really no better choice of artist to grace the cover of this themed issue, since Adele is the best-selling and most critically adored artist of the past decade, if not longer. In an age where CD and overall music sales are sagging like a pair of trousers with rocks in them, Adele is selling millions of records.

This English rose has also built her empire on one thing: her voice. That's not to say that Adele isn't striking, because she is absolutely gorgeous. You needn't  look any further than to the left to be enraptured by her beauty. But she isn't forced to rely on gimmicks, costumes, how much skin she shows via her outfits or having her name splashed over the tabloids in order to make an impression. That gorgeous throat of hers is her anchor and her propeller. But she does look beautiful, as the cover shot is a close up of her face, those ultra-thick lashes and even thicker, to-die-for head o' hair.

She's so stunning it makes you wonder how anyone could break her heart so badly and inspire the best-selling album in years.

The cover tag is 'The Adele Effect,' and the feature looks at how the powerhouse singer and her bazillion-selling '21' altered the musical landscape in 2011 and how there is a ripple effect. The accompanying article also breaks down how '21' changed the music biz game and how it caused A&R reps to begin the search and the feeding frenzy for the "next" Adele.

What can we say other than Adele is the game changer. When you have a voice like that, you tend to rewrite the rules, as the 'Rolling in the Deep' singer has.

The issue also looks at the 30 Greatest Artists of Right Now. Of course, Adele topped that list. Her listmates include Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Rihanna.