Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' was everywhere on Grammy night. Besides winning Record and Song of the Year and being performed live at the ceremony, the song was the centerpiece of one if the night's most noticeable commercials, as reported by our friends at The FW.The spot begins with a young girl on a bus belting out 'Rolling in the Deep' as she listens to the song on her headphones. While this sort of thing might be every public transit rider's worst nightmare, in this case the girl can actually sing, and her fellow passengers begin joining in.

The music fades from the bus riders' vocals to the original Adele track as the text appears: "Fans who know Adele best know the best place to buy her album." The pitch is that Target is the best place to buy Adele's '21' since the store offers exclusive bonus tracks.

Adele walked away with all six awards she was nominated for at the 2012 Grammys and performed 'Rolling in the Deep' live in her big comeback from throat surgery.

Watch the Adele Target Grammy Commercial