Adele keeps canceling U.S. tour dates, much to her fans' chagrins, due to continued problems with that famous, money-making throat of hers. The British songbird just canceled a 10-date run due to vocal chord issues. Earlier this summer, she axed a spate of dates due to laryngitis. At her doctor's behest, she has been told to rest her voice to avoid further damage.

However, some of her fans and critics quickly laid the blame for the canceled shows squarely on Adele's famous (and beloved) smoking habit, since it's not a healthy vice nor is it nurturing to one's vocal chords, whether they are damaged or not.

The outspoken singer has told The Sun that smoking is not the problem. It's the fact that she talks too much that has caused her voice to be strained. The 'Someone Like You' singer declared, "Smoking is not the reason I got laryngitis -- it was because I was talking too much. I damage my voice offstage, not onstage. Onstage I am fine as apparently I am technically great, but when I talk I damage my voice big time. I have got screwed into giving up smoking."

Adele has courageously gone cold turkey in giving up her nicotine addiction and she is apparently not happy about it, having admitted she regrets doing so. "If I wasn't a singer I still would be smoking 25 a day," Adele said. "Smoking is my favorite thing to do in the world, I am gutted I have had to give up. But I have been tough – no patches, no gum, no hypnotism. It f---ing sucks."

Well, big ups to Adele for going full on and attempting to get over her addiction without the aid of gums or hypnosis. It's certainly difficult to give up something you are physically craving, so give her an applause for making the effort. That said, we're not exactly buying the notion that talking, something all singers do all day, every day, is what caused her vocal chord strain on its own. It's true that we don't have an "MD" after our name, but we'd bet it was a combo of chattiness and smoking that put Adele's vocal chords through the ringer.